Take part

To take part, consult the list of performances that are in progress and sign up to one of them. Our newsletter keeps you informed about our new performances.

For performances that are done at home follow the steps below.

Inking process

1. Print

Print the pages of the PDF document on 4 A4 sheets.

2. Cut

Cut the pages and line them up.

3. Assemble

Assemble the pages to form the image fragment.

4. Ink

Ink the image with a black pen.

5. Photograph

Take pictures of the sheets of papers, one by one.

6. Submit

Send us the pictures with the highest quality by responding to the email message in which you received your fragment or here. Please make sure to mention the title of the performance in the subject line. You can also list the participants’ names, they will be used when publishing the work.

And if you feel like it, take a selfie with your creation in your hands. We would be delighted to publish it on our pages.

Finallly, you can also include a message for your fragment's neighbours. The message can be about the emotions or ideas you had while inking your fragment. They will receive it once the final work is made available.

Finished Work

We will send you an email when all the fragments are assembled. In this message you will find a link where you can view the final work and read the messages of your neighbours.