Tilleul | 530x300cm | participatory work
Photography and Indian ink on kraft paper, produced by around 250 people during the Stilles Zurich Festival. March 2024

“Look at nature differently and shake up our relationship with time and perfection.”

Tagebuch von France Inter

Roots from the Sky gives hundreds of people, no matter their age or origin, the opportunity to create large collective Chinese ink drawings. Reproducing on a 1:1 scale the photograph of a thousand-year-old tree allows us to feel its presence physically. The hand reveals the contour of the bark guided by the ink and the brush.

This project was born from the conviction that art isn’t reserved for artists, but that all of us are able to create.


Centre Culturel Quinta Dominica from April 11 to 18 2024.


Ceiba | 420x350cm | participatory artwork
Photographic composition of the oldest tree (~1000 years) in the Dominican Republic. March 2024

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